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Meet the Founder, Rachel Ashcroft


Rachel Ashcroft is part of the official UK College of Mindfulness Meditation Training Team, offering the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training Programme.


Rachel's background...

Rachel is an experienced Primary School Teacher, who having noticed the negative impact that the rise in stress and anxiety was having on herself, her work colleagues and even more alarmingly, the children in her care, decided to set up ‘Colour Your World’, a company which works to teach methods of stress relief, boost confidence and build resilience.

As a fully accredited teacher of Mindfulness with extensive training in the field of wellbeing and stress management, Rachel works with children and adults one to one, runs group workshops and supports children within schools to help them see the world in colour again when at times, things can seem very grey.

Rachel strongly believes that in-order-to help children effectively, we as adults must firstly look at ourselves and understand how to best manage our own anxiety and stress levels. How can we help children if we can’t help ourselves?

Rachel delivers the Mindfulness Now Teacher Training Programme, teaches mindfulness for wellbeing to children and adults of all ages and backgrounds and also runs training sessions within the workplace and online.

Mindfulness teaches us how to become more aware, how to acknowledge how we feel, understand why and choose the best method to deal with it in that moment, helping us to feel happier and healthier.

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Teen Ambassador- Olivia Boddy

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Here at Colour Your World we are delighted to welcome our fabulous Teen Ambassador, Olivia Boddy, to the team!

Olivia is an 18 year old University student who has struggled with anxiety, depression and psychotic episodes since 2015, facing many obstacles and the pressures of life as a teenager in today's world.

She enjoys reading in her spare time and is extremely enthusiastic about the English Language and is currently studying it at University level. 

In here new role, Olivia hopes to support teens who are suffering with their mental health by writing honest blogs about her ongoing mental health journey and in sharing tips and tricks that she has found useful along the way.

She is passionate about empowering other teenagers to reach out and find support and to know that they are not alone.

Make sure to look out for Olivia's blogs and follow her journey both on our website and on the Colour Your World Facebook page.

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