Individual sessions

Individual Mindfulness Meditation sessions in the comfort of your own home (generally following an 8-week programme)

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to incorporate mindfulness into their lives. Whatever your reason, Colour Your World can help you to;

sliderbutton02.png Reduce stress

sliderbutton02.png Reduce anxiety

sliderbutton02.png Enhance creativity

sliderbutton02.png Improve sleep

sliderbutton02.png Increase productivity

sliderbutton02.png Live more in the ‘now’ with a heightened awareness

sliderbutton02.png Manage pain

Each session is tailored to meet the needs of the participant following an initial assessment and vary from person to person.


Group Sessions

Why not come along to a Colour Your World Mindfulness Meditation session? Sessions include being guided through meditations, incorporating some mind/body gentle movement (tailored to meet everyone’s needs!) and positive, thought-provoking discussions whereby you will reflect on your life and situation and realise how you can live more mindfully.

Contact Rachel to find your nearest group and book your place.